Foundation of a Global System of Greed


A secular history by John Greene, Bible Vision International

statue2-200x300Part 2: The prophet Daniel described in Daniel 2 what proves to be an international system of mammon.

A Summary and Brief History
of the Modern System of Mammon

The Roots of Rome through the Swiss

Today’s modern banking system is part of an international corporate cartel of central bankers. This international society originally grew as a function and support of the secular arm of the Roman Catholic Church, an extension of the old Roman Empire. In recent times, these collective corporate bodies of authority have become secular corporate bodies, as part of Babylon the Great’s efforts to rule the world.

Swiss-banking-2The move of worldwide assets of the Catholic Church was made originally through the Swiss as they developed a secondary banking system to mimic and enhance the original bank at the Vatican in Rome in a unique partnership of wealth protection. This is a fact that is usually overlooked, conveniently ignored and bathed in other historical details. No less important is the matter that this system of mammon and the struggle of this cartel for control is responsible for a large measure of the upheaval, war and torment of mankind for the last 2000 years.

labor-commodityAt the core of this control is the fact that human labor is a very valuable commodity. The controller of that human labor is in charge of everything, for labor is the sum total of everything man does. Controlling the labor laws and the money regulations is a very important piece of action for the banking system as well. This global system of mammon was imported into the United States in 1913 as the Federal Reserve Bank. This international corporate cartel continues to wield and grow in power over and above the sovereignty of every nation on earth.

The illusion of ownership in modern society today is where banking is most integral. The international cartel of bankers are far too cunning to simply take title to everything they own. An example of this is how badly the banking system wants to resell foreclosed property. The control isn’t about the property, but rather about controlling you and making money on the interest you owe as a debtor.

dream-home-imaginary-ownershipThis system of mammon is sold as the illusion of ownership, which enslaves you and your children, so that all will continue to work and pay more of your earnings on ever increasing debts that benefit only the international corporate cartel in their rule of the world system! The money that you toiled so hard for isn’t your property either. Your bank deposits belong to the bank where it resides, not to you. It is yours in name only. In hard times, all of your money is subject to attachment in times of national crisis or bankruptcy. When you realize these truths, you come to understand the slavery that all have been put under.

lack of provisionThe government, politicians of this country and others have become agents for the international corporate society of bankers, creating new ways of keeping you in debt to them. For example, the larger players in Corporate America, like Deloitte Touche, IBM and Blackwater, have become much like  branches of the government, seamlessly installed within the government as permanent contractors of the United States. Their sole function and purpose  is for their own profit. Many corporate institutions like Deloitte are owned by the Swiss through an institution known as a verein. The true ownership of many of these multinational institutions is veiled in a shroud of secrecy. The truth is that many of these institutions are tied to or directly controlled by elements of the Roman Catholic Church. (“The Man of Lawlessness“; “Christians, Corporations & Disability in the US“; “The Empire Under the Beast“)

The corporate cartel of bankers has infiltrated the world accounting houses, the law offices and the management firms of the world, taking all the ownership, influence and profits as they continue to work for the control of global financial system. The Roman Empire is alive and well, working to further its own power structure. (“Mind Control of the Beast“; “Delusion & the Tightening Noose of the Beast System“; “The Great Beast Seduction“)

The modern structure of the Bank of Rome was reorganized by Ignacio López de Loyola. The Jesuits were founded with the commission of reestablishing the stronghold of Rome in the world after an onslaught of opposition by nations just before that time. Rome had been ransacked and pillaged to point of oblivion by 1540. Loyola was installed as the point man to stop the demise of Roman Catholic Society and power. The Vatican was and is defended by Swiss mercenaries, commissioned to guard the assets of Rome.

guns and goldRome decided to store the gold and silver in Switzerland as a precaution to avoid a repeat of the ransacking of Rome. Roman Catholic universities were established to recruit the sharpest minds in order to garner power and strength. The reorganized Bank of Rome began to establish branch offices in various cities. A bank was established in Venice in 1587, Amsterdam in 1609, Hamburg in 1619, Nuremberg in 1621, Rotterdam in 1635 and the Bank of England in 1694. (“Millenniums of Human Exploitation“)

bank-of-englandThe Bank of England was the first bank to be named after a country second to the Bank of Rome. Since then, many people and governments have fought against the installation of new banks because of the usury exacted by them. England fought the system and lost. The American colonies as well as United States battled the cartel of central bankers for hundreds of years until 1913. Ultimately this system, based on fraud and exploitation will fail and the world system will find itself in an impossible position.  (“Bible Prophecy & the Rise of the Corporation“; “The Image & Mark of the Beast System“; “666: Chi Xi Stigma“)

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