Modern Mammon: Power of the Fractional Reserve

dishonest scales
by John Greene

printing-moneyInside man’s system of trust is a great invention of fraud. The integral part of this modern system of mammon is usury-based, grounded through fiat currency and a key element of banking known as the fractional reserve. For example, banks in the United States are required to keep ten per cent of deposits in what is called “reserve”. When a bank loans someone $100,000, 10 per cent of that money loaned must be kept in reserve for bank customers. 90% of that loan or $90,000 is termed as “excess reserves” and can immediately be loaned to another customer. From the $100,000 loan, $90,000 is immediately available to be loaned to another customer based on the fractional reserve system.

This process can be repeated over and over, leveraging huge profits for banking. The money supply continues to increase with each loan or transaction. Bank loans are made to any individual or business entity that can assure the loaning bank that they have the security and financial stability to pay back the cost of the loan to the bank plus interest. Each loan created is a new asset to the bank loaning the money. 90 per cent of each loan can be loaned again with 10% held in reserve for depositors. Some refer to this usurious institution of man as a “license to steal”. (“Bible Prophecy and the Rise of the Corporation“; “U.S. Bankruptcy and the Bible“; “Christians, Corporations & Disability in the US“; “The Antichrist & the War on Reality“)

beast system of commerceThe Federal Reserve Bank through the Beast system is now in every country in the world. The bankers of this Beast system are diabolical and dishonorable tyrants which use international markets for their profit, including using securities that nearly brought the system to a halt in 2008. They have kept all people in peonage (laborers bound in servitude) and most in penury (extreme want; destitution). In this antichrist (antimessiah) system, all that matters is honor or dishonor, and contract law which is evidenced by a credit and debit commercial game. In this way, the Babylon of Rome has ruled for the last two thousand years, commercially reinforced through the Swiss and the English (all through the banking system). The entire world now rests in the grip of the Roman commercial system, enslaving men and women of all stations in life. This system seeks to make you subject to a ruling elite over the Elohim [YHWH] of heaven, and to control your perception of ‘God’ [YHWH] if they can. This is done through religious corporations and by public manipulation through the corporate state and corporate business. Even worse, this antichrist (antimessiah) system would have you believe that you are primarily beholden to them, placing these corporations in authority, even representing themselves as a form of ‘God’s Kingdom.’ Don’t you believe it! (“Bible Topics“; “666 – Chi Xi Stigma“; “Building a Counterfeit Kingdom“; “The Great Beast Seduction“; “The Man of Lawlessness“;”Mind Control of the Beast“; “The Image & Mark of the Beast System“; “Disciples of Messiah & the Authority of Man; “News: Executive Orders & Dangers to Christians“;”The Reality of the Antichrist“)

“For YHWH so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
John 3:16, RNKJV
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for sending the Messiah, your only begotten Son to be my Savior. I believe in Him and have made this belief the center of my life. Because of this, by faith I have everlasting life! Thank you! I repent of my sins and of my past, freely admitting that I have fallen short of Your glory. I look fully forward to you in my life and commit my life to You. Thank You YHWH, my Heavenly Father for setting me free in the name of your Son Yahshua [Jesus]. Amen.
genuine-articleYou will never enjoy true freedom through the Messiah and power of the Holy Spirit unless you read and absorb the Bible in prayer and trust. You will never know this freedom until you experience it for yourself. Get to know your Heavenly Father, His Son and allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life. The Holy Spirit is your teacher, your Holy Counselor that lives in you to help you learn about the truth of YHWH and His spiritual gifts.
Satan does not want you to have the excellence of YHWH in your life. People pray for protection and want to be taken care of, but often do little in growing close to Him. The world, your husband, your wife, your family, your government do not build your trust in YHWH or free you from spiritual bondage. Your church or your pastor cannot save you. Education, power and money will not free you, but only the Word of your Heavenly Father. Salvation is a daily walk, an act of love for yourself and for those around you, not a one-time event that centers only on you. Make the Word of YHWH your own, your very life!
YHWH is Yahweh, the covenant name of your Heavenly Father.
The names Yahshua and Yahushua are original language names for Jesus,
He is often referred simply as the Messiah or Master.
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