Disciples, Sufficiency & Daily Life

by John and Ruth Greene

handing-moneyChristians, like much of the world, are notorious for problems with money. The world is full of the pursuit of money in the grand quest for power, influence and comfort. As human beings, we quickly blame everything on money or the lack of it. The world and Christians that often profess to be no part of the world obsess over such things and as a result, Christians have brought the world view of the moment into their views of faith. As a result, Christians are scattered and divided, plagued by lack and doubt. There is clearly a larger dynamic in play. Because Christians insist on mixing views of the world with their faith, Christians often fail to derive any pleasure from being a Christian. They don’t see being a Christian as its’ own reward. They don’t feel open to sharing. Instead they endeavor to compete and protect themselves. (“Christians & Finance“; “A Mind of Envy and Competition“; “Do You Live a Lifestyle of Greed?“)

One of the hallmarks of success in any life venture involves relationship. Nothing builds confidence and knowledge like sharing with peers that respect one another. People of common interest take interest in one another and are generally open to one another, even when they don’t agree on everything. Along with relationship and knowledge come authority, which all Christians have, yet most of us fail to exercise hardly a morsel of the authority that we hold. Money and the striving of life are seen as a substitute for relationship and well being. (“World Order Built On Money and False Security“)

baseball-cardsTake for example the collecting of baseball cards. Collecting, buying and selling baseball cards can be a great deal of fun. Over time, people become experts and share that expertise as they seek to acquire the desires of their heart. They take new ideas to build their collections and reach out to expand their knowledge, expertise as they continue to share and explore. Collecting as a hobby is often big business to many, but the most successful have a real passion that stirs motivation and dedication. This creates a circle of open participation, sharing and ultimately people make a living as an extension of what they enjoy. This mindset of baseball card collectors consists of living in relative freedom of expression using simple rules of relationship, sharing and commerce that exist in the dark kingdom.

Untold numbers of Christians have forgotten what the world often enjoys. So many Christians fail to understand or appreciate their relationship with YHWH and with each other. They may see the Bible, His Word as a whipping post. They don’t truly enjoy what they have come to know and understand. Others may see YHWH as restrictive and limiting, as a harsh and firm ruler. Others use what they know about YHWH’s Word as a tool that they can use to discipline others to meet their needs. Others say that ‘God’s grace’ is sufficient for all things, which they take to mean that they can do what they please with no effort on their part. (Matthew 7:13-14; 7:21-23; Titus 2:11-13; Philippians 2:12-13; 4:13; 2 Corinthians 6:1; Galatians 5:3-4; Jude 4; 2 Timothy 2:11-14; Hebrews 10:26-31; “The Need to Keep Spiritually Clean“; “Truth About the Modern Concept of Pastor“; “Consenting to Fables of Men“)

“What then shall we say? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Let it not be! We who have died to sin, how shall we still live in it? Or are you ignorant that all who were baptized into Messiah Yahshua were baptized into His death? Therefore, we were buried with Him through baptism into death that as Messiah was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, so also we should walk in newness of life. For if we have been planted together with Him in the likeness of His death, so also shall we be in the resurrection ” – Romans 6:1-5, HRB

bound by traditionProfessed Christians may not appreciate the dynamics of exploring or having a relationship with Someone that they cannot see. The mindset of old ideas and tradition may squelch the freedom of expression and any new ideas that can spring forth, even though these slightly different expressions are simply an outreach of the same unchanged faith. New ideas applied to righteous trust in the Father threatens many Christians because they want to feel comfortable and stay right where they are, even if they are grounded in self-righteousness and pride. This zeal for YHWH can even inspire jealousy and envy among other misdirected brothers and sisters in Messiah that have issues with ‘weak faith.’ Yet how many of us actually know that you cannot have true, lasting and rewarding relationships grounded in fear, jealousy and self-righteousness that limit any freedom of expression or creativity? (“Blind Leading the Blind“; “Freedom from Spiritual Bondage“; “Are You an Effective Listener? Listening & Your Relationships“)

For example, some Christians believe that the only way to evangelize is to go from door-to-door. Every Christian in that group is expected to fit in the same mold, use exactly the same formulas and operate in exactly the same ways, whether they have a talent, ability or gifting to do such a thing. Human beings are different by nature and a wide variety of expression is possible without going outside the truth of scripture. In other words, loyal Christians have YHWH’s Law written on their hearts and the freedom to openly express it using their own unique characteristics and sense of personality. (“Christians: Focused on the Messiah & His Purpose“)

Naturally, this greatly inflames the passion of many. They want the power and authority of Yahshua [Jesus] Messiah and the power of their god for themselves alone. This unseats the ‘God’ they claim to worship in favor of a god of their own making. They want to control access to ‘God’ and to boost their own importance. Alternatively, they may feel jealousy or envy when someone steps outside the comfort level or religious box that has been built in their own minds as a prop to their own faith. To these Christians, different is dangerous to their personal brand of faith. When someone else is successful doing something somewhat different or in the open and reaping a harvest while being entirely within the realm of YHWH’s Word, they freak out because that harvest isn’t expressed as they would express it and the expression of others is not within their control or experience. (“The Idolatry Factor“; “Messiah & the Tool of Envy“; “Aspiring to Godlike Knowledge“; “Living in an Apostate World“)

pressureThese critics likely have little or no relationship beyond fear and striving within themselves. Such a spirit of control and doubt is not from YHWH, yet is a spirit that untold numbers of Christians hold dear in the name of righteousness, propriety and tradition. This religious spirit of man’s society seeks to control while continuing to break down communication and relationship, substituting shame, guilt and broken behavior. Usually, those with such a religious spirit claim that a relationship with Elohim [‘God’, YHWH] is only in knowledge and expressed through personal acts that they approve on wholly on their own terms and understanding. This mindset is often very far from YHWH and is often grounded in pride and self-direction. They depend on themselves for all things, for YHWH is simply an image, not a real person to them. (“YHWH’s Track of Righteousness“; “Healing Wounds That People Can’t See“; “Culture: Prompting Falsehood Through the Lie“)

As Christians, we often seek after things and to make gods of self or others. We think that YHWH must give us money and things first for us to be successful or we will strive for them ourselves. Alas, we have the cart before the horse, for Yahshua [Jesus] clearly told His disciples:

“But seek first the reign of Elohim, and His righteousness, and all these matters shall be added to you.” – Matthew 6:33, ISR98

lack of provisionThese ‘things’ are not just clothing and shelter, but everything in life that is physical. YHWH wants to provide it all if His people will just look to Him first. All things that are needed will be provided to further His Kingdom. Instead, Christians make themselves slaves to things, to governments, to powers that speak against YHWH and slaves to themselves because they cannot trust a ‘God’ that they cannot see while so many other things clamor for their attention. These faithless Christians don’t have success because they don’t have passion or dedication, except in lip service. They don’t have passion and dedication because they don’t have trust. Christians don’t have trust because they still have tainted hearts that are full of the world. Even worse, they will not allow YHWH to heal their hearts and lives with His Word. Through personal actions, they prove that they aren’t set apart to Elohim. Christians often fail to act on what they say they believe. Instead, they prefer to act on the ways of the dark kingdom around them while doing so in the name of YHWH or Yahshua [Jesus] Messiah. This is the opposite of the freedom in Messiah that disciples are to have because of the abiding reality of the fruit of the Holy Spirit [Sanctified, Set Apart Spirit]. (“Life Healing and Belief“; “A Branch of the Vine through Trust“; “The Antichrist & the War on Reality“)

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustworthiness,  gentleness, self-control.  Against such there is no Torah [law].  And those who are of Messiah have impaled the flesh with its passions and the desires.  If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.” – Galatians 5:22-26, ISR98

“For YHWH so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
John 3:16, RNKJV
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for sending the Messiah, your only begotten Son to be my Savior. I believe in Him and have made this belief the center of my life. Because of this, by faith I have everlasting life! Thank you! I repent of my sins and of my past, freely admitting that I have fallen short of Your glory. I look fully forward to you in my life and commit my life to You. Thank You YHWH, my Heavenly Father for setting me free in the name of your Son Yahshua [Jesus]. Amen.
genuine-articleYou will never enjoy true freedom through the Messiah and power of the Holy Spirit unless you read and absorb the Bible in prayer and trust. You will never know this freedom until you experience it for yourself. Get to know your Heavenly Father, His Son and allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life. The Holy Spirit is your teacher, your Holy Counselor that lives in you to help you learn about the truth of YHWH and His spiritual gifts.
Satan does not want you to have the excellence of YHWH in your life. People pray for protection and want to be taken care of, but often do little in growing close to Him. The world, your husband, your wife, your family, your government do not build your trust in YHWH or free you from spiritual bondage. Your church or your pastor cannot save you. Education, power and money will not free you, but only the Word of your Heavenly Father. Salvation is a daily walk, an act of love for yourself and for those around you, not a one-time event that centers only on you. Make the Word of YHWH your own, your very life!
YHWH is Yahweh, the covenant name of your Heavenly Father.
The names Yahshua and Yahushua are original language names for Jesus,
He is often referred simply as the Messiah or Master.
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