Health in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Has Science Gone Too Far?

by John and Ruth Greene

“The light of a lamp will never shine in you again. The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again. Your merchants were the world’s great men. By your magic spell all the nations were led astray.” – Revelation 18:23, NKJV


The world of science and medicine as we know it is changing. Pharmakeia or what could be called “medical sorcery” is not truly about healing, but about human bondage in an age of deception and agenda, grounded in corporate money-making and political power. (“Foundation of a Global System of Greed“; “Hazards of Vaccines & Medication (Pharmakeia)“; “Fetal Cell Lines and Clever Marketing“; “Brave New World: The Dilemmas of Vaccines & Modern Medicine“)

In the dark kingdom, Bible prophecy foretells that there is a great collective horror coming behind the malignant power of Satan. Most Christians are aware of the controversy and eagerness with which Bible prophecy is often discussed. The debate energizes and titillates millions, but changes the faith or actions of many very little. Behind the scenes, evil men and women happily follow Satan as they reject the same temptation that Yahshua [Jesus] turned down in the desert. (Matthew 4:1-11) Through the ages, untold numbers have deliberately turned aside from the Heavenly Father or accidentally been caught in deception. Today, leaders in government, religion and business of the dark kingdom are cheerfully bringing greater demonic strongholds through criminal conduct and societal pressure. In the process, many Christians have become blind to the ways of the world, adopting their faith as a form of humanism that is publicly encouraged by dark powers. (“Bible Prophecy and the Rise of the Corporation“; “Delusion & the Tightening Noose of the Beast System“; “Mind Control of the Beast“)

What Yahshua [Jesus] rejected from Satan, Satan offers to man. This is a world full of corruption, murder, theft, child abuse, human trafficking, prostitution, wife beating, drug abuse and usury of all kinds, even in the halls of the most prominent men and women.

“And indeed, if our Good News has been veiled, it has been veiled in those who are perishing, in whom the mighty one of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, so that the enlightening of the Good News of the esteem of Messiah, who is the likeness of Elohim, does not shine on them. ” – 2 Corinthians 4:3-4, ISR98

genetic-materialThe nations of the world are fooled by the promise and profit of modern sorcery or pharmakeia. Through genetic manipulation and cellular engineering, the business of medicine mixed with politics and money is changing life as most understand it, even before we can understand it. It is being foisted upon us. Abominations are in place that are unique to this time. (Deuteronomy 12:31, 18:10-13; 2 Kings 21:6; Ezekiel 20:26,31; 23:37; “Abomination: Corporations, Sweeteners and Twisted Science“; “A Derivative of Abortion in that Pepsi?“; “The Magi of this Age“)

For example, the largely squelched documents of U.S. government state that “before laws were firmly in place,” cells were harvested from an unwanted fetus and frozen. These were extracted in the 1970s and in recent years have been used to create a base for all manner of cellular pharmaceuticals, many of which are being used in research.

View US Government Document FDA Meeting on Fetal Cell Lines

It is likely that the harvested cells will be used in vaccines for millions, even billions. Human cellular material streamlines the process of growing the viral material to produce any desired vaccine. Last year (when our book Two Kingdoms was written) these vaccines were in the trial phase of development.

crucell logoCrucell pioneered this cellular material known as PER.C6 (“Percy Six”), discussed at an FDA meeting on 5/16/2001. Curiously, the name Percy is derived from Persius, which means destroyer or to destroy. While Crucell markets other lines of human cell material, PER.C6 is marketed to be used in vaccines as a base. This type of cellular engineering is also being used in research by pharma-giants like Novartis for the treatment of diabetes, as well as for vaccines. Merck, Sanofi Pasteur, GSK, Johnson & Johnson and Aventis have licensed the product for use in certain products. In practice, this human cell line could be used as the material for your next flu vaccination and may already be in use through recombinant DNA technology.

Vaccine Manufacturing (Crucell Website)

Research & Development (Crucell Website)

Crucell Vaccine Cell Line Video:- currently offline

a must see corporate video for those concerned!
(a “demonic new world” using biotechnology with human cells)

adenovirus modelAdenovirus transformed human embryo cells are much easier to use than the old methods of creating vaccines. This new technology is changing the way that science and medicine does business. Satan must glory that he soon will induce millions of men, women and children to receive biological material derived from the retina of an aborted child. Like the sorcerers and witches of the past, science of the dark kingdom has underwritten Satan.

common-good-politicsIn their eyes, a child sacrifice will result in the good and welfare of billions, the common good. Adherents are eager to point out that the child was unwanted and without a known father, a triumph of situational ethics for science. Biological materials from an aborted child are now being mainstreamed into the medical community with government blessing. This is the new spirit of exploration and manipulation that dominates the dark kingdom. A movement of new vision is underway that seeks to reinvent the world. Let’s face the facts. Even in modern times, science has been used in “unethical” ways for the betterment of the “common good”. A small example comes though the Manhattan Project. Human guinea pigs were injected with 1 to 10 micrograms of plutonium. The excreta was then sent to Los Alamos for analysis. Thecommon-good first human plutonium injection took place on April 10, 1945, without the informed consent of the patient. Larger medical movements have taken place as well. Your personal well-being is not in the minds and hearts of worldly authority, except perhaps in the most abstract sense. Power and the continuance of that authority is paramount. (“Becoming Your Own God Through General Goodness?“; “Are Vaccines Good for Your Family?“; “Understanding Sin“)

— article continued below>

2012 update
vaccine craft for the familyYour opinion is relevant. Because of public pressure and exposure, corporate restructuring using fetal cell lines has began, resulting in offices being shut down, restructuring or being sold off. Percivia has been closed in the U.S. Crucell has been purchased by Johnson & Johnson, a company that you should watch. Other companies have licensed the technology: DSM Biologics, Sanofi-Aventis, Novartis, Wyeth, GSK, CSL, as well as Merck & Company. They are a threat in the future as they are likely to rename the product and disperse within other products without notice.
The damage has been done. The abomination known as PER.C6, has been used by UNICEF to vaccinate developing countries. “In 2009 alone, Crucell distributed more than 115 million vaccine doses in more than 100 countries around the world, with the vast majority of doses (97%) going to developing countries. Crucell is one of the major suppliers of vaccines to UNICEF and the developing world. Crucell was the first manufacturer to launch a fully-liquid pentavalent vaccine. Called Quinvaxem®, this innovative combination vaccine protects against five important childhood diseases.” The bottom line is that you and your family are still in danger of being compromised, even through HIV and diabetes medication. They are focusing on oral vaccines for the traveler, all in the name of wellness and health. They now have a substantial distribution through various corporate entities. They have made their money and will continue to do so at your expense. The Pharmaceutical and Food Industries haven’t been defeated on this issue. They are going underground while creating new ways to use this abomination for your food and medicine. You need to be on guard to protect yourself. You need to be on guard or you risk consuming tainted food and medication…
>> article continues…

“For who among men knows the things of a man, except the spirit of a man within him? So also no one has known the things of YAHWEH except the Spirit of YAHWEH. But we have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit from YAHWEH, so that we might know the things that are freely given to us by YAHWEH.” – 1 Corinthians 2:11-12, HRB

The history of Israel proves that Mosaic Law and Old Testament regulations did not have the power to transform the inner attitudes of people or their hearts. Through the sacrifice of the Messiah, YHWH provisioned a new way to put His law and spirit into the hearts of His people, now to be set apart through the Holy Spirit [Sanctified, Set Apart Spirit]. (Jeremiah 31:33-34) YHWH has made it possible to implant a new heart and a new spirit for each of His disciples.

hardened-heartLong ago, YHWH reminded Ezekiel that it would take a miracle to bring Israel back to life. Spiritual Israel is no different. To be truly alive, Spiritual Israel needs a greater miracle: a new Spirit of Messiah, breathed by YHWH through the Holy Spirit. Only through this new creation can anyone be resurrected or brought to life in Messiah. Keep in mind that the valley of dry bones was not simply a cemetery, but a battlefield where untold numbers had been slain in a great battle for YHWH. Ezekiel spoke prophetically over the dry bones as the Heavenly Father expects His people to do. YHWH has called His people to prophecy, to call out to the dry bones so that they can live with His breath of life. The spiritually dead will come to life. Father YHWH will not abandon His people in spiritual warfare, nor does He wish to abandon the spiritually dead. (Ezekiel 37:1-14) Sanctified disciples still have a job to do even though the time grows short. (“The Unpardonable Sin“; “Disciples: Focused on the Messiah & His Purpose“)

“A man who strays from the path of understanding comes to rest in the company of the dead.” – Proverbs 21:16, NKJV

Bible PerspectiveDisciples are temples of the Holy Spirit, but never lose free will or individuality as promised by YHWH. In this way, there is no need to fear. Faithful disciples do not want to reject the knowledge of YHWH or rest in the company of the dead, whether physical or spiritual. Disciples are strengthened and enhanced, not defeated through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is YHWH’s proof of ownership, a deposit that assures a great inheritance through Yahshua [Jesus] the Master. (1 Kings 11, Amos 5:26; Acts 7:43; “How to Receive the Holy Spirit“; “Listening to the Holy Spirit“)

“…in whom you also, having heard the word of the truth, the Good News of your deliverance, in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Set-apart Spirit of promise, who is the pledge of our inheritance, until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His esteem.” – Ephesians 1:13-14, ISR98

Disciples of the Messiah are filled with the Holy Spirit and have fellowship or relationship with the Spirit. (“Holy Spirit 101“)

“Do you not know that you are a sanctuary of YAHWEH, and the Spirit of YAHWEH dwells in you?” – 1 Corinthians 3:16, HRB

“But you are not in flesh, but in Spirit, since the Spirit of YAHWEH dwells in you. But if anyone has not the Spirit of Messiah, this one does not belong to Him.” – Romans 8:9, HRB

“Or do you not know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit in you, which you have from YAHWEH, and you are not of yourselves? You were bought with a price; then glorify YAHWEH in your body, and in your spirit, which belong to YAHWEH.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, HRB

“Now on the great day, which is the last of the feast (the eighth day), Yahshua [Jesus] was standing and He cried out and said, ‘If a man thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. Anyone who believes in me as the scriptures have said, rivers of living water will flow from his belly.'” – John 7:37-38, HRB

YHWH wants his people to be freed of demonic strongholds that reside and are actively perpetuated in the dark kingdom. He has provided faithful disciples with a divine helper known as the Holy Spirit to assist in the process of abiding in Messiah. If a disciple of Messiah rejects the Holy Spirit in the active pursuit of life of Messiah through Elohim’s love, the disciple rejects YHWH. (“Abiding With YHWH in Quiet Places“; “YHWH’s Track of Righteousness“; “Strongholds & the Armor of YHWH“)

“For Elohim did not call us to uncleanness, but in set-apartness.  Therefore he who rejects this does not reject man, but Elohim, who also gives us His Set-apart Spirit.  And it is not necessary to write to you about brotherly love, for you yourselves are taught by Elohim to love one another” – 1 Thessalonians 4:7-9, ISR98

twokingdomsperspFind related information our book “Two Kingdoms: Genetics of Spiritual Warfare”

YHWH is so good to alert us to His truth!

“For YHWH so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
John 3:16, RNKJV
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for sending the Messiah, your only begotten Son to be my Savior. I believe in Him and have made this belief the center of my life. Because of this, by faith I have everlasting life! Thank you! I repent of my sins and of my past, freely admitting that I have fallen short of Your glory. I look fully forward to you in my life and commit my life to You. Thank You YHWH, my Heavenly Father for setting me free in the name of your Son Yahshua [Jesus]. Amen.
genuine-articleYou will never enjoy true freedom through the Messiah and power of the Holy Spirit unless you read and absorb the Bible in prayer and trust. You will never know this freedom until you experience it for yourself. Get to know your Heavenly Father, His Son and allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life. The Holy Spirit is your teacher, your Holy Counselor that lives in you to help you learn about the truth of YHWH and His spiritual gifts.
Satan does not want you to have the excellence of YHWH in your life. People pray for protection and want to be taken care of, but often do little in growing close to Him. The world, your husband, your wife, your family, your government do not build your trust in YHWH or free you from spiritual bondage. Your church or your pastor cannot save you. Education, power and money will not free you, but only the Word of your Heavenly Father. Salvation is a daily walk, an act of love for yourself and for those around you, not a one-time event that centers only on you. Make the Word of YHWH your own, your very life!
YHWH is Yahweh, the covenant name of your Heavenly Father.
The names Yahshua and Yahushua are original language names for Jesus,
He is often referred simply as the Messiah or Master.
No portion of this site is to be copied or used unless kept in its original format in the way it appears along with author and website attribution. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement with these terms.
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