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by John and Ruth Greene

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For years, the U.S. dollar has been an international badge of leadership. This prestige is increasingly in doubt as the United States-English union fades. Especially difficult will be the transition for the United States, since the national identity will lose the international seigniorage that it has enjoyed for so long. As former third-world nations trump the commerce power of the old union, these up-and-comers herald a “new world order“, just as the pope of the Roman Catholic Church has done previously for religion. The beast system is in transition.  (“Delusion & the Tightening Noose of the Beast System“; “Bible Prophecy and the Rise of the Corporation“)

The heady news of a new world of global commerce says that (per the Centre for Economics and Business Research) Brazil has just overtaken the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy. Russia and India are soon to follow. This says nothing of the Chinese commercial powerhouse, nor of the decline of the United States economic powerhouse. The old order of influence continues to erode. Resistance is futile say the worldly power watchers, just as the Borg Collective of the imaginary Star Trek kingdom would say. The world of false religion, even the world of multinational commerce, intends to continue to prosper through reinvention. As far as these self-directed authorities are concerned, their bread is buttered on all sides, regardless of national boundary. This is a new world. (“The Role of Authority in Your Life“; “Approved: Lie Cheat & Steal“)

As the professed old order fades, a new one waits in the wings. According to an ecumenical Roman Catholic Church, a new order on earth under ‘God’s Kingdom’ awaits. The Vatican has legal title to the Temple Mount. The new order heralded by the papacy will be brought about by an order of man, which is in opposition to divine decree in the Bible. This papacy authority sees itself as a driving force. The Vatican has once again laid its sights on the city of Jerusalem as the center of the next religious empire of authority. (“666 – Chi Xi Stigma“; “A New World of Religion?“; “Living in an Apostate World“)

The Vatican has sought to place a number of Israeli holy places under Vatican authority as their ecumenical gerrymandering continues. The new religious order they have invented with a number of other faiths now seek Mount Zion, King David’s tomb and the garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. They do so in the name of peace. “There will not be peace if the question of the holy sites is not adequately resolved.” The Israeli government and the Vatican have been deadlocked in discussions over the status of Israel’s religious sites. Vatican officials are now demanding control over the religious sites in the ancient and holy city founded by King David as the capital of ancient Israel. The nation of Israel is actually considering this because this new authority would take the international pressure off of them by placing this authority on an international body. With this new rising illusion of religious power comes the proud voice of the serpent.

Pope Benedict has declared that Christian denominations other than his own are not ‘true churches’ and that their ‘holy orders’ have no value, in part because they don’t have a ‘sacramental priesthood.’ Instead of benign amusement at the ignorance of this statement, Protestant leaders have reportedly taken exception to this voice, relaying that this mindset will hurt efforts by the pope at ecumenism. The papacy does this after decades as a ‘new modernized church’ sets itself backward in time by returning to a ‘Latin Mass.’ Should Christians care? (“Building a Counterfeit Kingdom“; “The Man of Lawlessness“)

First, disciples of the Messiah must continue to seek only Bible truth. Christians should care about this unfolding drama for one purpose. This drama sets the scene for the close of this age through the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The world is going to witness this firsthand and so will all disciples, whether professed or true. As a disciple of the Messiah, you need a unique perspective for you to be able to dwell in Him now and finally, to enter in to YHWH’s Kingdom through divine favor. (“Counting the Cost of Obeying Messiah“; “Disciple: Live Your Belief“; “Bible Truth That Many Christians Don’t Accept“)

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When you make your belief and trust in Messiah firm through active discipleship, the shaking of the world around you isn’t quite as scary, and certainly isn’t mysterious. The world that we live in is enslaved through commerce, which frightens multitudes of well-meaning people. This fear will cause the compromise of many. This is what you need to prepare for. Now is the time to strengthen your trust in the Word of YHWH and to test out your relationships with trustworthy brothers and sisters in Messiah. Yahshua [Jesus] advised us to prepare for rejection. Being a man or woman of YHWH often creates reactions from others that resist YHWH. (“The Bible & Higher Authority“; “Do You Live a Lifestyle of Greed?“)

Now is the time to share Bible truth with the lost, including all that proudly proclaim that they are Christians. Sitting in a pew or simply attending at the church of your choice is not your fruit or your salvation. Your conduct and relationship through your Messiah with a humble seeking mindset and the bond of the Holy Spirit is your seal. Out of that fruit springs your personal zeal, your willingness to stand for Bible truth instead of religious opinion based on tradition and misinformation. There is no mystery except by those that want the authority of Messiah for themselves over other men. May you bear much fruit as you gain discernment and test the spiritual waters in these perilous times. (“Messiah Teaches about Fruit in the Lives of People“; “Freedom from Spiritual Bondage“; “Seeking a New Spirit“; “Leadership & the Universal Authority of Messiah“)

“For YHWH so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
John 3:16, RNKJV
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for sending the Messiah, your only begotten Son to be my Savior. I believe in Him and have made this belief the center of my life. Because of this, by faith I have everlasting life! Thank you! I repent of my sins and of my past, freely admitting that I have fallen short of Your glory. I look fully forward to you in my life and commit my life to You. Thank You YHWH, my Heavenly Father for setting me free in the name of your Son Yahshua [Jesus]. Amen.
genuine-articleYou will never enjoy true freedom through the Messiah and power of the Holy Spirit unless you read and absorb the Bible in prayer and trust. You will never know this freedom until you experience it for yourself. Get to know your Heavenly Father, His Son and allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life. The Holy Spirit is your teacher, your Holy Counselor that lives in you to help you learn about the truth of YHWH and His spiritual gifts.
Satan does not want you to have the excellence of YHWH in your life. People pray for protection and want to be taken care of, but often do little in growing close to Him. The world, your husband, your wife, your family, your government do not build your trust in YHWH or free you from spiritual bondage. Your church or your pastor cannot save you. Education, power and money will not free you, but only the Word of your Heavenly Father. Salvation is a daily walk, an act of love for yourself and for those around you, not a one-time event that centers only on you. Make the Word of YHWH your own, your very life!
YHWH is Yahweh, the covenant name of your Heavenly Father.
The names Yahshua and Yahushua are original language names for Jesus,
He is often referred simply as the Messiah or Master.
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