Abomination: Corporations, Sweeteners and Twisted Science

by John Greene
article updated June 2013

The U.S. mainstream media has been fairly quiet about Pepsi’s venture into using a fetal cell line originating from an aborted babies in research and development of flavor enhancers for their beverages. Pepsico has been quoted as writing in response to this question that using cell lines derived from aborted babies would produce “great tasting, lower-calorie beverages.”

commerce cannibalLast year, a Pepsico shareholder demand that “the Board of Directors adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.” PepsiCo’s own Code of Conduct boasts that they “deal with customers, suppliers, the public and our competitors in an ethical and appropriate manner.” (“Bible Prophecy and the Rise of the Corporation“)

abortion-abomination-in-foodPepsi has entered into a 4 year agreement with Senomyx, which claims that they are “discovering and developing innovative flavor ingredients for the food, beverage, and ingredient supply industries using our unique proprietary technologies,” which will “enable our collaborators to achieve a competitive advantage and/or improve the nutritional profile of their products while maintaining or enhancing taste.” Specifically, Pepsi is using HEK-293 (human embryonic kidney cells) to produce flavor enhancers for Pepsi. Senomyx has also partnered with Kraft Foods and Nestlé. Campbell soup was a partner, but has reportedly severed ties with Senomyx.

What are their “unique proprietary technologies”? “Embryonic kidney cells from aborted human fetuses.” While the cell line origins and specifics have been removed from the Senomyx website, this much can be said:

HEK 293 cells were generated in the early 70s by transformation of cultures of normal human embryonic kidney cells with sheared adenovirus 5 DNA in Alex Van der Eb’s laboratory in Leiden, The Netherlands. The human embryonic kidney cells were obtained from a healthy aborted fetus and originally cultured by Van der Eb himself, and the transformation by adenovirus was performed by Frank Graham who published his findings in the late 1970s after he left Leiden for McMaster University in Canada. They are called HEK for human embryonic kidney, while the number 293 comes from Graham’s habit of numbering his experiments; the original HEK 293 cell clone was simply the product of his 293rd experiment.

Van der Eb’s laboratory involves many of the same ‘fine folks’ noted in our Bible Vision article last year that are using similar processes for vaccines and diabetic preparations. Some science authorities claim that aborted fetal cells are not in the product itself, but are simply derived from the product. Is this not the same; simply an excuse? This science of Satan is using human proteins from aborted fetuses, which would have become real human beings.

unborn childRemember that there are many options PepsiCo and other food manufacturers could be using instead of fetal cells from aborted children. It isn’t bad enough that this kind of product is being unveiled for use in medical applications, but now genuine Christians will need to be concerned about these abominations being used in food products. There seems to be no bottom level that corporate interests hold to, especially when done in secrecy. As a result of the public uproar Pepsi has substituted other sweetening ingredients in their latest product, Pepsi Next. In the meantime, be advised that some food companies are still interested in using fetal cell lines in your food. Keeping the light shining in the dark corners of corporate boardrooms and laboratories is the best that can be done. In November 2012 Senomyx announced the following on its website:

“a Senomyx partner has begun its initial market launch of a retail product that incorporates our S6821 Bitter Blocker. This is the first time a Senomyx Bitter Blocker has been used in a consumer product…”

“Marketing activities are underway in a country in Southeast Asia and we expect our partner to expand to other regions and products. With this launch, four flavor ingredients discovered and developed by Senomyx – our S336 Savory Flavor; S2383 and S6973 from our Sweet Taste Program, and our S6821 Bitter Blocker – are now being commercialized by our partners.”

Clearly, corporate interests continue to march stubbornly ahead, especially in Asia. However, you can no longer simply assume that these explorers in man’s science aren’t infiltrating the marketplace. What you do is your decision, but permanently abstaining from processed food and drink that use these cell lines is advisable. When a problem is rediscovered, a proper course of action could be filing a complaint in writing to all known food companies that are researching with these fetal cell lines. Remember that a healthy diet involves consuming as few processed foods as possible. For more information, see Bible Vision articles “Health in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Has Science Gone Too Far?” and “Freaky Science, Food and Rebellion”.

Senomyx has 70 patents on file with the US Patent office citing their use of HEK (human embryonic kidney) cells

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*Archived from Semonyx

Semonyx & Pepsi using sweet taste modifier s617 in soft drinks beginning 2014  |  Archived Article

Link to FDA Meeting Transcript from May 16, 2001.

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P.S. We have spared you from having to look at horrible images of abortions and aborted fetuses. We have supplied a cleaned-up image above. The reality of this gritty abomination is something for you to examine yourself. The abomination of using fetal tissue for medical and food products is yet another matter, a matter that you must deal with and prepare to be judged for in the end (based on your current knowledge and understanding).
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