Ya Gotta Have Roots!

by John Greene

sow-harvest“A sower spread abroad, scattering his seed, and as he scattered, some of these fell by the road and were tread underfoot. Then the birds of the skies devoured them. So others fell over rock and sprouted, withering away because they lacked moisture. And others fell in the middle of thorns, so the thorns grew with them, stifling them. But others fell on beneficial soil and sprouted, bearing fruit a hundredfold.’ Saying this, He cried out, ‘Have ears to hear. Understand.’ Now His disciples asked Him saying, ‘What might this parable mean?’ And He answered, ‘To you is bestowed the knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of Elohim [‘God’], but the rest through parables, that seeing they don’t see and hearing they don’t understand.

Now the parable is this. The scattering of seed is the Word of Elohim. Now the ones by the road are hearers. Then came the devil and removed the Word from their hearts, in order that they would not believe and would not be saved. Now those on the rock, who, when hearing, receive the Word with gladness. But these possess no roots, which for a season believe and in a season temptation fall away. And falling in the middle of thorns are hearers that grow and are strangled with cares and wealth and pleasures of life, but bear no ripe fruit. Now those on the beneficial soil are some with honest and noble hearts, hearing the Word and seizing it, then fruitful through endurance.”- Luke 8:5-15, direct translation

soil of the heartSo what are we to understand? The apostles that were close to Yahshua [Jesus] were privileged to receive ‘the secrets of the Kingdom of Elohim.’ The rest were left to their own heart conditions to evaluate what He had said. (Matthew 7:16-21; Galatians 5:22-23) In other words, some were able to see and hear, understanding what Yahshua [Jesus] had said. Multitudes fail to enter the Kingdom of Elohim because they are spiritually unfit, with closed minds and hearts. Few that listened to Yahshua [Jesus] brought a heart that was good soil for His Word. (Matthew 13:1-23; Mark 4:1-20; John 8:31, 15:1-27; James 1:21-22; “Which Shepherd Do You Believe?“; “The False Shepherd and the True Shepherd“)

roots-of-salvation-image-300x300This isn’t that men and women are incapable of receiving Him. One-quarter were scattered near the wide road of destruction. Another quarter succumbed because they didn’t know about the moisture of the Set Apart Spirit or Ruach* [Dedicated or  ‘Holy’ Spirit]. Another quarter succumbed to the choking brambles of mankind that were around them, despite having some roots. More importantly, the secrets of the Kingdom are designed to stimulate a search for YHWH that is not vanity. At first, it seems a tragedy that 1 out of 4 types of soil met with success, but remember that each person is not simply a seed, but a living breathing person that has and makes choices that result in the soil of the heart – and answerable to Father YHWH for it.

Affairs-of-the-Heart-John-and-Ruth-GreeneThe ultimate lesson is that you must have solid, deep roots to be successful. You need the armor of Elohim through personal study and prayer, coupled with the nourishment of the Set Apart Spirit [Ruach*] You may or may not receive these things, even in a professed ‘house of God,’ for most do not teach an uncompromised Word that allows for salvation. Instead, a substitute message, an antichrist-antimessiah message is in place. Where you seek and where you place your spiritual roots is of vital importance to your spiritual survival, even whether you become a dedicated + disciple of the Messiah. (“Vanquishing Sin and Oppression“; “Being Set Apart Makes You Aware of Sin“; “Discernment 101: Learning to be Discerning“)

purify heart forgiveTo ensure your success, you look first to your relationship with your Heavenly Father through your Savior. Only through the Ruach* [Set Apart, ‘Holy’ Spirit], combined with the understanding of scripture. Further, disciples are not to worship the messengers, but only the Father. Otherwise, falling away is all that remains. (Matthew 24:10-13; Romans 11:19-22; James 1:22, 5:19-20; Hebrews 3:12-19, 6:4-6, 10:39; 1 Timothy 4:1, 16; 2 Corinthians 11:3; 2 Peter 2:20-22; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; Revelation 2:4-5)

*Hebrew: רוח הקודש (H6944, H7307), ‘holy spirit’ or Ruacḥ ha-Qodesh (Psalm 51:10-12; Isaiah 63:10,11)
+ committed, dedicated, devoted, consecrated, set apart
“For YAHWEH so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that everyone believing into Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
John 3:16, HRB
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for sending the Messiah, your only begotten Son to be my Savior. I believe in Him and have made this belief the center of my life. Because of this, by faith I have everlasting life! Thank you! I repent of my sins and of my past, freely admitting that I have fallen short of Your righteousness. I look fully forward to you in my life and commit my life to You. Thank You YHWH, my Heavenly Father for setting me free in the name of your Son Yahshua [Jesus]. May it be as you have promised!
genuine-articleYou will never enjoy true freedom through the Messiah and power of the Holy Spirit unless you read and absorb the Bible in prayer and trust. You will never know this freedom until you experience it for yourself. Get to know your Heavenly Father, His Son and allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life. The Holy Spirit is your teacher, your Holy Counselor that lives in you to help you learn about the truth of YHWH and His spiritual gifts.
Satan does not want you to have the excellence of YHWH in your life. People pray for protection and want to be taken care of, but often do little in growing close to Him. The world, your husband, your wife, your family, your government do not build your trust in YHWH or free you from spiritual bondage. Your church or your pastor cannot save you. Education, power and money will not free you, but only the Word of your Heavenly Father. Salvation is a daily walk, an act of love for yourself and for those around you, not a one-time event that centers only on you. Make the Word of YHWH your own, your very life!
YHWH is Yahweh, the covenant name of your Heavenly Father.
The names Yahshua and Yahushua are original language names for Jesus,
He is often referred simply as the Messiah or Master.
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