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John and Ruth Greene are scriptural truth-seekers, apostles and disciples with a secular background in behavioral science, mental health, world religions and economics. They spotlight the difference between truth and deception in the lives of Christians with the goal of renewing and refocusing lives for Yahshua (Jesus our Messiah). They make their home in Nashville and have been involved in Christian ministry for nearly 30 years.

new man in Christ book

2009- The New Man in Christ: Breaking Strongholds in God’s Perfect Will – Is your past holding you prisoner? John and Ruth Greene have a timely message for people facing the problem of addictive behavior, attitudes and distractions that defeat and destroy. The Miracle of the New Man in Christ provides insight into the workings of the human mind combined with Bible knowledge that empowers in good times and bad in the battle for your mind and heart. – Bible Vision; Paperback; 144 Page


God's Kingdom vs. Satan's Order

2010- Two Kingdoms: Genetics of Spiritual Warfare – Spiritual law dictates your life, genetics and health in more ways than you might imagine. The roots of your life are grounded in two kingdoms that are fighting for your life and your allegiance; a battle for your mind, heart and life. The earthly dynamics are grounded in spiritual laws, accidentally uncovered by scientists involved with the Human Genome Project. This book explores the new science, scripture, spiritual warfare and the roots of human behavior. There is truth and counterfeit. Don’t be confused. – Bible Vision; Paperback; 192 pages


Affairs of the Heart - John and Ruth Greene2011- Affairs of the Heart – A broken heart can feel like a disease that scars your life and saps your strength. The pain can seem to overtake your life. Rising above a broken heart can become a hopeless life long ordeal when you don’t have the tools to revive your life. When you were young, you were especially vulnerable. Even when your young mind didn’t understand, your heart told you something about what was happening; what was being seeded into your life. The growth of these roots had special power in your thinking because you depended so greatly on others to care and nurture you. Your heart did something else too. It watched what others around you did. This insightful and to-the-point book by John and Ruth Greene is certain to have many deep seated answers you are looking for in dealing with healing the brokenness in your life.- Bible Vision; Paperback; 70 pages


LoveIsDivine220x2202006- Love Is Divine EP –  a Christian music EP featuring a preview of some of Ruth Greene’s latest tunes and remix of one of Ruth’s original classics.

Love Is Divine – Elohim [‘God’] intended marriage to be a sacred and permanent covenant between Himself and the union of husband and wife, a holy tie of three. As He is devoted to us, so He created marriage to be. Husband and wife are to be upright to their commitment to each other just as Elohim is to His promise. As husband and wife do to each other, they do to their Father..
Knowing God – A Song of Celebration: This song paints a picture of Elohim, our Father and His Son, Yahshua [Jesus]. In John 14:27, Yahshua [Jesus] speaks of peace in an unusual way. Our Savior speaks of the salvation that His redemptive value will achieve for His disciples, total well-being and inner rest of spirit, in fellowship with His Father. All true peace is His gift. His peace is real and present now. Elohim’s people have no need to fear the present or the future. With thanksgiving, submit your needs in prayer, giving your problems to Him and forgetting about them. Your Father will carry your concerns “for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Stronghold of My Life – A Song of Proclamation: We can never praise our Father enough. Because of Him, we have every good opportunity and every perfect promise. To seek Elohim in His temple means to live in His presence each day of our lives by making Him priority. By walking with YHWH daily, we use our temple, our very being, to serve Him through the Holy Spirit. Those who desire to live in His presence each day will be able to enjoy that relationship forever. (Psalm 27:4-6; Psalm 103; Psalm 145:1-7)


healing voice of Ruth GreeneVictory in Jesus: The Healing Voice of Ruth Greene – a well-loved CD of favorites that Ruth has made her own in song since 1986. Originally titled Victory in Jesus, the title was expanded because of healing that routinely occurred during her performances of these and other classics. These rare tracks are available only on CD through Audiolife.