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Rising Christian MinistryRuth Greene in “Arise in Christian Ministry”

“I exhort you truly brothers, through the compassion of Elohim, provide your bodies a living sacrifice, set apart, in full agreement to Elohim, your reasonable service. So do not be conformed to the age, but to the contrary, transformed in the renewing of your mind. You must test what is beneficial, even fully agreeable and complete to the Will of Elohim.” – Romans 12:1-2, direct translation

Today, I am calling all Christians to arise and line up their lives with scripture! The real question that I find that must be asked right now is this: Would Jesus recognize your life ministry as His? Would He recognize you calling Him Jesus instead of Yahshua? Are you living as Yahshua [Jesus] did while He ministered in the “first century” or are you living as the world does? It’s a big question that only you can answer. While none of us is perfect, the sacrifice of our Savior completes us in the eyes of YHWH. Does this mean that Christians can sit on their hands where trust in Elohim [‘God’, YHWH] is concerned? While some religion says this is the case and that all will be saved, scripture says otherwise. I encourage you to discover the truth while asking yourself if Yahshua [Jesus] would recognize the “faith” that you proclaim as your own. (“Disciple: The Pattern of Your Life“; “YHWH’s Track of Righteousness“; “YHWH’s Prayer Shawl of Protection“; “Books by Ruth Greene“)



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