breakingstrongholds7-300x300YHWH First! Bible Vision International is about scriptural truth-seeking from the roots of the original text. We must be disciples first, with the outreach of an apostle – in modern terms, as teachers that do not apologize for truth. We must no longer be directly connected with any ‘church of man’ but witness wherever the opportunity exists. We must abandon worldly training of the past and present as a real authority, leaving behind the spiritual darkness of the world for the deeper truth of scripture and Spirit, through Yahshua [Jesus] the Messiah and the Holy Spirit [Dedicated, Set Apart Spirit or Ruach]. We must not seek denomination, but separation to the Most High Elohim [‘God’] as servants – son and daughters that abide in His love as we reflect His love and concern for mankind. Genuine disciples must seek to build a ‘community’ of like-minded disciples of scriptural truth online and in the real world – through active discipleship and teaching. Genuine disciples must continually seek complete agreement with scripture and the unadulterated pure knowledge of Elohim through Messiah and Spirit. We must seek to banish the behavioral traits and responses of the old man in exchange for building up the new man through the truth of our Messiah and the Spirit, part of the command and mission that every disciple of Messiah has. We must spotlight the difference between truth and deception in the world of man with the goal of renewing and refocusing lives for the Master Yahshua [Jesus] through the power of the Set Apart Spirit, never forgetting the power and necessity of prayer. Elohim [‘God’] is tender and loving! Let Him love you through His Word and allow the tenderness of His heart to penetrate you!  I spend a lot of time in research, study and prayer. The internet is a wonderful opportunity to bring a greater unity and understanding into our Heavenly Father’s gathering of believers. Do you need spiritual help? Do you need agreement in prayer with someone that believes in the strong power of Elohim?  Leave me a line.
– Agape, John Greene